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The main objective of the organization is helping/servicing activities.

•  Educational purpose
•  Healthcare purpose
•  Social Activities
•  Service to mankind
•  Environmental service
•  Youth and Cultural Activities

•  I.E.C.(Information Education Communication) Activities and Awareness campaign

Main work field of the organization: Whole Gujarat / India

Main activities of the organization:


•  Educational Purpose

The Indian constitution supports the right of universal education until age 14 and has had a long-standing goal of free and compulsory education for all children between the ages of six and 14. However, India has not been able to achieve this goal.

We also aim to provide quality education coupled with the all-round development of the children.


To expand educational activities through Government grant or other assistance e.g. Mobile Study van, Training to the villagers in interior villages like English speaking, banking knowledge, internet awareness etc. ,we are going to arrange seminars on topic like “ earn and learn”, “self dependence”. We will include educated unemployed candidates to educate the villagers. We will initiate activities to strengthen educated unemployed people.
•  Healthcare purpose

A vast majority of Indians are devoid of basic and adequate healthcare facilities. Available facilities are also often in deplorable conditions with shortages of medicines, doctors and nursing personnels. In its latest report, World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies India along with other poorest nations in Africa and South Asia as having the greatest shortage of healthcare professionals.

India has around 650,000 physicians with a density of 0.60 physicians per 1000 people. In comparison, the U.S. has 2.56 per 1000 and most Western nations have at least four times higher density of doctors than India.

With a huge percentage of the population affected in some way or the other with these ailments, it is imperative that the healthcare facilities in the country be armed with enough ammunition to fight these ailments. But, unfortunately the country lags behind.

AIM communication providesHealthcare related activities will be done through govt. grant and other assistance.

•  AIDS Awareness, information and education campaigns will be done at educational campuses like colleges and schools through different type of mediums like telefilm show, street drama, poster exhibition and other activities related to people awareness

•  Blood Donation camps, free medical camps, eye donate camps and other activities will be done.

•  We will help hospitals and other organizations associated with healthcare activities in one or other way.

•  We will establish mobile van service and ambulance service to help emergency cases. To get more details please visit
•  Social Services / Services to mankind

We will help affected people through govt. grant or assistance from other countries.

•  Disaster Management : We will help people in natural disasters like earthquake, flood, scarcity, storm etc as well as manmade disasters like strikes, riots, war etc. We will help people by providing them shelter, food, water, clothes, medical treatment etc during calamities.

•  Anti-Addiction campaigns will be held. Awareness of side effects of addiction through these campaigns.

•  We will establish ashram, Old age home, orphanage through govt. grant and other assistance. HOPE foundation through its children related programmes, like the child survival programme, Asharan orphanage and the malnutrition control programme in Delhi, AIDS Home of HOPE and child care in pediatric ward in Chennai, and midday meal programmes at various locations aims at providing basic relief and amenities to the deprived children.
  •  Activities for Youth and Culture

We will do activities like concert, events, and musical nights etc for youth.

•  Sport Activities: To encourage sports activities, we will establish sports clubs and health clubs through govt. grant or other assistance.


•  AIM  foundation through its children related programmes, like the child survival programme, Asharan orphanage and the malnutrition control programme in GUJARAT, AIDS Home of HOPE and child care in pediatric ward in villages, and midday meal programmes at various locations aims at providing basic relief and amenities to the deprived children.

•  At AIM foundation, practical experience has shown that education courses just 4-6 months in length can boost the earnings of young men and women by 100% or more. In the long term, empowerment through better education is a fantastic strategy, boosting income and the quality of work of children who have been given a caring, English-medium education.

Therefore, at AIM foundation, we aim to empower young men and women through short-term courses that will lead to their getting sustainable jobs as well as boost their earnings. Some of these courses are tailor-made as per the requirements of the particular area where they stay, as well as the demand for people empowered with certain skills. The taught courses include computer training, sewing training, electrical repair training, beauty culture school, masonry training among others.
•  Cultural Activities

We will organize one act play, drama etc. and other cultural activities shows.

•  We will train youth for navratri events, classical dance, western dance, folk dance etc by establishing training institutes.


•  We will provide complete guidance to new comers for right direction.

We will help financially weak artists and try to help them in getting work.

•  We will release weekly, monthly magazines to spread knowledge of our culture to the youth. Also we will arrange seminars, meetings, workshops for cultural awareness.

•  The organization will try to exchange our culture with the culture of other countries by organizing music concerts, reality shows, drama competition, musical competition, celebrity live shows etc and also encourage competitors with awards or rewards
•  Environmental Services

•  The organization will do plantation and campaigning to save trees.

•  To save water and get pure water, organization will try to built lakes, wells, check dams etc.


The organization will try to facilitate the arrangement of removal of dry and wet garbage from villages, cities, streets etc.

•  Organization will help in reducing the air and water pollution.
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